Q: What program do you use?
A: Photoshop CS3 for both illustrations and animations.

Q: Which brushes do you use?
A: I use two brushes and they’re default brushes, dunno what they’re called. I just call them the normal one and the spongy one.

Q: Do you stream?
A: Nope, never will.

Q: Do you use DeviantArt?
A: I only use it to track other artists. 

Q: Do you take requests/commissions?
A: Requests and commissions are now closed for the forseeable future.

Q: Why don’t you post anymore?
A: I have a job now.

Q: When will you post again?
A: Whenever I’m not busy or NEET.

Q: Can I draw something for you?
A: Please do. Fanart of my originals is always appreciated.

Q: What is your mascot’s name?
A: Plume; named after steam clouds.

Q: Do you have any art advice?
A: Only you can teach yourself. Work hard and try new stuff. Don’t get complacent and do better next time, every time.


Feel free to send me a question and it may end up in this FAQ.